Important Criteria And Scores Used To Diagnose Diseases

Criteria And Scores Used To Diagnose Diseases arranged alphabetically from A to Z

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Agatson score : CAD
Austin – kartush classification – middle ear risk index ( MERI)
Alanzolej classification : chloledochal cyst
Amsel’s criteria: bacterial vaginosis
Ann Arbours staging: Hodgkin’s lymphoma & Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Ashbury criteria : GBS
Astler collar:colorectal cancer

Belthazar scoring : acute pancreatitis
Bent criteria : allergic fungal sinusitis
Butcher’s criteria: Mesothelioma
Berlin’s criteria : ARDS
Bismuth classification: tumors of hepatic ductal system
Bosniak classification : renal cyst
Broca’s index : Ht in cms-100
Boreman classification : Gastric carcinoma
Child’s Turcott pug score/MELD/PELD- Cirrhosis of liver
Chang staging: Medulloblastoma
cierney & millar classification : chronic osteomyelitis
Corpulence index : Actual wt/desired wt
Cottle’s classification –> nasal septum
De meester criteria : GERD
Duke staging : colorectal cancer
Duke’s criteria: Endocarditis/Heart failure
Durie salmon system of staging: Multiple myeloma
Epworth’s criteria : Sleep apnea
Enneking’s staging : Bone tumors
Evan’s stagng: Neuroblastoma

Forrest classification: peptic ulcer bleed
Framminghams criteria/Boston’s criteria: CHF
FAB: Leukemias
Fisch – glomus tumor
Glisson’s staging: Prostrate
Gartland’s classification: Supracondylar # Humerus
Glasgow Blatch ford score : Upper GI bleed for medical intervention
GOLD’s criteria :COPD
Glassgow scale/Ransons criteria/APACHE score: Pancreatitis
Hess & Hunt Scale: subarachnoid hemorrhage
Hall’s criteria : Down’s syndrome
Harvard criteria : brainstem death
Jackson’s staging:Penile Carcinoma
jones criteria.- Rheumatic fever
killip classification-MI with HF
LEEFORDT’s classification : facial #
Light’s criteria: pleural effusion
Lauren’s classification: Gastric Ca
Levenson’s criteria :- also in congenital cholesteatoma and malignant otitis externa
Mac afee protocol : Placenta previa
Mallampati scoring: for intubation
Milan’s crjteria: for liver transplant in HCC
Mantrles criteria/Alvarado score: Appendicitis
Mayers n cottons grading system: Subglottic stenosis
Manson’s classification: Radial head #
MASAOKA -Thymoma
MELD Criteria- model for end stage liver disease
Mc Donald’s criteria: Multiple Sclerosis
MIDAS score : migraine
morry & peterson criteria -acute osteomyelitis
Neer’s classification: supracondylar# femur
NADA’s criteria: ASD assesment of child for heart disease
Nazer’s Index: Wilsons disz
OKUDA staging : HCC
Oschner sherren regime : Appendicular Mass
Paget’s Index : Abruptio placentae
paalman criteria : Ectopic pregnancy
Pretext -Hepatoblastoma
Ponderal Index: ht in cm/cube root of body wt in kgs
Quetlet index: BMI -wt in kg/ht in meter square
Quintero staging -TTTS
Quebeck’s grading: severity of reflex
Reese Ellsworth – retinoblastoma (exam q)
Richertson bloom scoring : Breast ca.
1.tubule formation
2.Mitotic index
3.Cell size(nuclear pleomorphism)
Robson’s staging : RCC
Rye classification: Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Rotterdam’s criteria : Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Rockall scoring: adverse out come after GI bleed
Rule of wallace/Rule of 9: Burns
Seddon’s classification: Nerve injury n regeneration
sarnat and sarnat staging -Hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy
Stanford classification: Aortic dissection
SPIGELBREG criteria= OVARIAN ectopic
STUDDIFORD criteria= ABDOMINAL ectopic (pain)
Spalding’s criteria: abdominal pregnancy
Todani classification : chloledochal cyst
Van Nuys prognostic index : DCIS
Waterson criteria : TEF
Well’s criteria: pulmonary embolism

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