Elsevier’s Integrated Anatomy and Embryology First Ed.

Elsevier’s Integrated Anatomy and Embryology First Ed. PDF

By>>  Bruce Ian Bogart

Victoria H. Ort


Elsevier's Integrated Anatomy and Embryology First Ed.


  • Published in  2007
  • 1st Edition
  • Format: pdf
  • Publisher:  Mosby
  • Number Of pages : 428 pages
  • File size: 68 MB


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Table of Contents::

Many medical schools have changed their curriculum from anatomic radiology to molecular biology and translational research due to the enormous growth in biomedical science. Given this situation, we set out to develop a hybrid anatomy text that could be used as a primary source in students’ first year and again as a review book for the boards, clerkships, and electives. We hope to add a significant amount of anatomic information, such as the peripheral distribution of the cranial nerves, to our Web page to enrich the anatomy information available to the interested student. We sincerely hope that you find this text valuable as a first year student,and again when you return to anatomy in your third and fourth years, and even after you graduate.

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