Blueprints Notes & Cases―Microbiology and Immunology 1st Edition

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Blueprints Notes & Cases―Microbiology and Immunology (Blueprints Notes & Cases Series)

  • Edition: 1st Edition

  • Format: PDF

  • Pages: 224

  • File Size: 45 MB

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Blueprints Notes & Cases―Microbiology and Immunology 


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Table of Contents 

I. Microbiology

Gram-positive cocci

Staphylococcus aureus

Streptococcus pyogenes

Alpha-hemolytic streptococci


Gram-positive rods

Overview of gram-positive rods and Norcardia

Bacillus anthracis

Clostridium tetani

Clostridium botulinum

Clostridium difficile

Gram-negative cocci

Neisseria species

Gram-negative rods

Gram-negative rods that cause gastrointestinal infections

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Hemophilus influenzae

Hemophilus ducreyi


Vibrio cholerae

Helicobacter pylori

Zoonotic gram negative rods

Salmonella typhi

Other bacterial species

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Non-tuberculous mycobacteria

Rickettsia rickettsii

Coxiella burnetti

Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Chlamydia trachomatis

Babesia microti


Leptospira interrogans

Treponema pallidum

Borrelia burgodorferi


Herpes simplex viruses


Human immunodeficiency virus

West Nile virus

Hepatitis A virus

Hepatitis B virus

Ebola virus

Influenza virus

Rubella virus




Aspergillus fumigatus

Cryptococcus neoformans


Coccidiomycosis, Histoplasmosis, Blastomycoses


Plasmodium species

Giardia lamblia

Pneumocystis carinii

Trichomonas vaginalis

Toxoplasmosis gondii

Taenia infections

Strongyloides infections


Chagas disease

II. Immunology

Cellular Immunity

Humoral Immunity


Hypersensitivity Reactions

Immunodeficiency Syndromres


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