Atlas of Fetal Ultrasound 2018 PDF

Atlas of Fetal Ultrasound 2018 PDF

Normal Imaging and Malformations

By>>  Victor Bunduki
Marcelo Zugaib


Atlas of Fetal Ultrasound


  • Published in  2018
  • 2nd Edition
  • Format: pdf
  • Publisher: Springer International Publishing
  • Number Of pages : 259 pages
  • File size: 59 MB


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About the book :

It is with great pleasure that we present this English edition of Atlas of Fetal Ultrasound:
Normal Imaging and Malformations. The original is in its second edition in Brazil, as the first
edition sold out and was reprinted over the years. It is one of the reference books for Medical
Schools and Specialist Title Examinations in our country.
The authors are very experienced in fetal structural ultrasound and there is a lack of published
fetal ultrasound images organized as an atlas in the medical literature. In the present
volume, emphasis was placed on the image captions and short introductory texts to the chapters.
Readers will notice that the captions present concepts and advice in a coherent and didactic
way. Fetal structural ultrasound must be performed in a systematic manner from the fetal
head to the feet. Every sonographer should find his own methods, making sure that the fetal
scan is carried out using a uniform technique that is repeated from patient to patient. We
believe that this is the best way to avoid diagnostic mistakes.
Some might say that publishing a paper edition of a book of fetal images would be obsolete,
as digitalization is the most important method for sharing knowledge. In our opinion, an organized
and complete printed edition of fetal images is of great interest. Obtaining information
only from digitalized media can lead to a focal and thus incomplete approach to fetal pathological
conditions. This volume helps practitioners to organize ideas and offers a complete
overview of the fetus, as it covers most fetal malformations. In addition, this atlas is presented
in both a printed and a digitalized form, offering students and professionals the complete range
of options.
This atlas was conceived to be easily handled and it can be used as a handbook; therefore,
professionals can bring it to their daily practice and check for images and pathological conditions
that occasionally appear during their routine work.

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